Ever been on an RV trip? It is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. However, if you have an RV at your disposal, what will be your places of interest to visit? And if you are looking for a budget-friendly vacation check out the free RV campgrounds out there!

For an excellent experience, you need to carefully choose a spot that not only suits you and your family’s interests but is also pocket-friendly. There are lots of options for free RV campgrounds, but you want to find the cream of the crop. That’s where we come in. We did a bit of research and found some of the best options!

If you need more help with locations, check out our favorite RV Destinations!

Here are some of the best FREE RV campground sites!

Liberty Recreation Site – Wenatchee, WA

It is situated in the old town of Liberty, which was one of the mining camps in the 1870s. The eye-catching Cascade mountains will surely be a sight to behold. The camping site is open all year round however, snow makes access harder. The cellphone reception in the area is limited, but this is not a deal-breaker. You can use this to your advantage, ensuring you have ample time to experience and enjoy the camping feeling.  

Mowich Lake Campground – Ashford, WA

A trip to this campground will have you fascinated and hypnotized. It is found within the Mount Rainier National Park, approximately six miles from the Mowich entrance. The crystal clear water of the lake, the outstanding mountain views, and the camping being free qualifies it among the favorite destinations on your list. To add on that, the site is just minutes away from Spray Falls where you can grab a panoramic view of the North Mowich Glacier when meandering towards the mountain. It is fascinating. 

Sunset View Campground – Kayenta, AZ

You cannot speak of being surrounded by awesomeness without talking about this campground. It borders the Grand Canyon, Arches, and Mesa Verde parks.  It is open all year round, meaning that you can visit anytime. It is free and operates on a first come first serve basis. Tree lovers here are also in for a treat as there are pinon and juniper trees that offer not only privacy but also the gorgeous scenery an extra touch of class. Water is available, and the rooms contain flush toilets.

Mt. Ashland Campground – Ashland, OR

This nine sited free campgrounds located along the Siskiyou Crest. The charming, beautiful wildflowers and butterflies are surely a sight to behold. If you are in love with birds, this is the place to be. The bird-watching experience here is just something else. The roads getting here are paved, and a little pre-scouting might save you a great ordeal.  

Black Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area – Gerlach, NV

Located in the northwest of Nevada, this federal owned land has natural habitats, historic emigrant trail,  Black Rock desert, and a High Rock Canyon. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in charge of the area’s protection and management. The area is superb for hiking and camping, but all this requires permits from the BLM. Some of the National Wilderness Preservation Areas here include:

  • Calico Mountain Wilderness
  • Pahute Peak Wilderness
  • High Rock Lake Wilderness
  • North Jackson Mountain Wilderness

Motorized vehicles are normally not permitted in these wilderness areas, aiming to protect animals and plants

Lovell City Campground – Lovell, WY

These amazing free RV campgrounds, open all year round, will host you and your RV comfortably for even three days. It is located in Lovell City and managed by the public-city park. The place has ample parking space. Pets are also welcome here. Drinking water, showers, restrooms, and a dump station are just among the numerous amenities available. Its quietness and presence of a creek are just the perfect phenomena for you to relax your mind. 

Oh Be Joyful Campground – Crested Butte, CO

Located in Crested Butte beside the Slate River, this camping site has excellent views all around, including mountains Aspens. It has fifteen campsites distributed all over the area. The river offers a chance for you to fall asleep or relax to the soothing sound it makes. When low, the river is easily crossable. One thing to note, however, is that the site has one bathroom, and if you camp on the other side of the river, you will have to cross every time you need to access the rooms.  

Blodgett Canyon Campground – Hamilton, MT

This campground has five campsites, a host site, and one walk-in site. Stuffed with fire rings, vault toilets, and picnic tables, it is just another place you should consider. It accommodates RV’s up to forty-five feet. The closest town is Hamilton. The site is operated by the Forest Service and rests under the Blodgett Canyon’s cliff faces. Rock climbers will be in for a treat here. 

Red Meadow Lake Campground – Polebridge, MT

It has six campsites and is situated on the banks of the Red Meadow Lake. The stay here maximizes to fourteen days. The Aerial Adventure Park is just a stone throw away. It is situated forty-one miles North of Columbia, 5500 feet on the Flathead National Forest. There is, however, no water and you are supposed to carry your own.

Laguna Mountain Recreation Center – Paicines, CA

It is located in the county of San Benito, California. It is adjacent to the Hernandez Reservoir and contains two camping sites as well as three trailheads. A creek (Laguna Creek) flows through this area for the better part of the year. Outstanding Laguna Creek gorge and several waterfalls add to the scenic area. 

Box Canyon West – Mecca, CA

This area is located on the canyon rim, just above Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. There are two campsites here, two vault toilets, bear-proof dumpster, and water hydrants. It runs open from May to September. The site reservations are issued on a first come first serve basis. The closest town is Ash Ton. With an easy hiking trail, the site is ideal for you if you are a hiker.

Golden Gate National Recreation Center – San Francisco, CA

The center is home to numerous plant and animal species. You can park your RV and go for an awesome hiking experience. Nearby areas you can visit scenic areas around the place, including Muir Woods National Monument. Not to mention, this one is only about 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

Amboy Crater – Needles, CA 

This free dispersed camping site in Morongo Valle is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Although the spot has no water or toilets, the site is open all year and has enough space where you can park your RV and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The nearest town from here is Amoy. The panoramic view of the nearby desert is just spectacular. Flower lovers will be treated to a beautiful scene of yellow flowers.

Gorge Lake Campground – Rockport, WA

Found on the bank of the gorge lake, this campground is located outside the Diablo community. The hiking trails just nearby and a boat launch on the lake are just but a few of the engaging activities at your disposal. The camp, however, has no water but vault toilets are available. Firewood is also available here. Nearby attractions to this destinations include Ross Lake overlook, Stetattle Creek, and the Sourdough Mountain trails.

Dosewallips Campground – Brinnon, WA

One fascinating thing about this area is that it is located in the Jefferson County of Washington where the Dosewallips River empties into the Hood Canal. It is also open throughout the year. Elk herds are always wondering around the camp, and blue herons flock the river, thus becoming a favorite spot animal lovers.

So, we’ve provided quite a few options for you! But keep in mind, these are free RV campgrounds meaning you will not get all of the bells and whistles that come with a paid RV resort. It is important that you thoroughly peruse through all the spots to ensure your comfort.

With that said, what are you waiting for? Rent an RV, decide on a campsite and have that experience of a lifetime.