Time To Be Realistic…

New technologies have made it possible for people to live in all kinds of conditions – including on the road. Vehicles like RVs are made to travel in, but most models are very large in size. That raises the question of where you can put your RV rental, either when you’re resting or even long-term. One solution would be to find a plot of land and put it there, but a much easier alternative is an RV park or resort. Now the question is: what are the average RV park rates, and how much should you spend?

Assuming you live in the US, that isn’t the easiest question to answer. Prices across one state aren’t universal, much less from one state to another. However, it’s easy to make an average for how much it would cost. On average, a one night stay at a private RV park would cost you somewhere between $20 and $40. This means the average for a month is somewhere between $600 and $1,200, and for a year that can come up to a total of $10,800 to $14,400.

That may sound like a lot right now, but it’s not far off from what a person might pay for a home with all of their utilities included each month. Not only that, but there are ways that you can reduce this cost. One of the ways to do this would, of course, be to find an RV park that has fewer amenities or is smaller than more popular resorts and parks. Smaller resorts that have fewer amenities to offer will cost you less per night than a resort that spans across miles of land and offers amenities you might not need.

What do you want from an RV Park?

In this case, you’ll have to decide what you really need from an RV park while you’re renting, what you want from it, and what you can do without. There are some private RV parks, like a resort in Alaska, that cost closer to $20 per night; however, that particular resort only offers water and electricity, as well as showering and laundry facilities.

It’s a very nice place to stay with your RV, considering how little you have to pay for a night there. An RV park or resort that is a bit more out of the way, rather than right next to a national park or part of a major town, would also cost less than one in a major area. It might not hurt to look for more out of the way places to stay so that you can avoid higher prices for a nightly stay. This can cause you to use more gas for traveling to necessary or desired places, however. This is definitely something to think about with your RV rental. Check out more tips for your first RV trip here!

family camping at an rv campsite

Stay at a Public Campground

You can also make the decision to stay at a private RV park, which is largely what has been discussed above, or a public campground. Most public campgrounds cost closer to $20 per night, but most also have no electric, sewage, or water hook ups at all. These public campgrounds are largely just sectioned off areas of national parks or state-owned land that has been offered as a place to leave your RV for a night of rest. If you’re up to the challenge of really “roughing it,” feel free to spend your time in a public campground. It will be far better for your wallet.

Stay At a Free Campground

There are even a few free RV campgrounds you can stay in, but they have absolutely no amenities and no guarantee of space. The possibility of something happening, such as vandalism, is higher due to the fact that anyone can come and go as they please with little monitoring. Keep that in mind when taking an outing with the family. You are literally getting what you pay for, as it is free space to park your rented RV. If you stay at some combination of the three – spending a week at a private RV park, two weeks at a public campground, and another week at a free, government-owned campground – you can reduce the average amount you have to pay to stay at an RV park over time.

Stay Longer to Save Money

Another way to reduce the cost of staying at an RV park or resort – assuming again that we are talking primarily about private resorts – is, in fact, to stay longer! There are a number of RV resorts that will offer you a free night if you stay for a week, meaning you only pay for six nights out of the seven that you stay there. It is even possible to get discounts for staying at a private RV lodge for a month or longer. You would need to check with the individual RV park, but it’s always worth a shot! For someone going on a short vacation, this could mean that staying at a cheaper private or public RV park is better. However, for someone planning to live in their RV long-term or permanently, the price of a more expensive RV resort could even out by getting a few free nights.

All Things Considered

Once you’ve taken private, public, or free RV parks, and how many amenities you need or want access to while you stay in your RV, into full consideration, you can get a much closer look at the true cost of staying at an RV resort. Whether for a fun RV rental vacation or as a place to stay for the foreseeable future, it’s important to know how much you’re spending and plan accordingly. Having this rough estimate, as well as these considerations, in mind will hopefully help you make the best choice for your family when you decide to take your next trip in an RV. Just keep in mind this rule of thumb – you’ll spend roughly the same amount to stay at a private RV park or public campground as you would if you stayed in a house. Take a look at your options, and make the best choice for your family on your next RV rental!