The Key is to Plan Ahead!

Taking a family RV trip is one of the most fun and memorable outdoor experiences. Aside from the fun and excitement, RVing also provides an excellent way to bond as a family. However, one of the biggest enemies on an RV trip with kids is boredom. When they’re bored, they become irritable and cranky. While some kids can keep themselves busy, others need someone to keep them entertained or occupied.

If you don’t want to hear “I’m bored” on your next trip, the following RV activities will help keep your kids entertained and make it a positive experience for the whole family.

Choose an RV Park with Lots of Fun Activities

When going on an RV family camping road trip with kids, one vital consideration is the location. Various RV parks have started adding all types of built-in adventures, and your park fees may already cover these adventures. An example is swimming pools, and other parks even have water slides and kiddy pools. If your kid loves splashing in the water, then these are sure bets for lots of fun. In addition to pools, some parks may have things such as hiking, biking, fishing, horse trails, beach access, big movie screens, and zoos. These are wonderful ways to keep your child occupied.

If possible, look for an RV park that also has nearby adventure places such as museums, theme parks, and aquariums. Check out our article for the top 10 campgrounds in the US!

Entertain Your Kids with Playtime

As an adult, you may want just to sit and do nothing, but this is boring for a child. For young kids who enjoy playing, carry a few toys. Consider the space in your RV and then choose a toy that won’t take up too much room. An example of a cool toy is a scooter. You can go for one that can be folded and packed easily with other gear. However, before choosing any riding toy, go through the RV park’s website and check out the layout to see if bringing that toy will be a good idea or not. You’ll want to know if your kids can ride scooters or bikes or the ground is covered by gravel. Other toys you may consider are dolls, toy trucks, coloring books, board games, and balls.

If you’re short on packing space in the family RV, check to see if the park has a site with playground equipment next to it. This way, your kids can go play and you can enjoy your adult time.

Give Them Responsibilities

Kids love to feel like they’re in charge. They enjoy helping and not being treated like they are kids. A family RV trip camping is a great chance to pass down some responsibilities to your child(ren). Since most parks have water spouts, you can give them the task of collecting water for cooking or pouring over the fire pit. This works perfectly, especially if your kid loves playing with water. You can also task them with walking your easy-going dog around the campground.

Some kids love setting the table and getting drinks for everyone while others love holding the flashlight as you do your tasks. The point is to make it fun! They’re getting to do an adult task in a lighthearted way. If you find them playing with the water as they collect it, don’t try and take over. And, don’t worry about them getting a particular task perfect. If you see them struggling, tell them to ask for your help if they need it. After they’re done, thank them for their efforts, compliment if the task was done well, and guide where appropriate.

Let Your Kids Go on Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunting is an excellent activity for children of almost all ages. To make it easier for them, compile a list of some of the items they should find in the nearby area. Of course, keep an eye on them and don’t allow them to wander out too far. Research your location to know if there are any specific items to that area such as rocks and leaves. If they are available, set your kids out to find them. Just ensure that you give them tips on how to be safe as they go about the activity. They shouldn’t destroy things to get what they want, and they shouldn’t go far. You can even include prizes to make them more dedicated to finding their items!

Let Them Explore!

Kids love exploring! They love going out, seeing various sights, and learning. After you’ve found a place to park your RV rental, take your kids, find a trail, and follow it to see where it goes. It’s a great time to bond as you educate them several things about nature. Show them the different plants, trees, and animals around the campground. Determine edible plants and animal traces. If you’ll be gone for more than an hour, pack water, sunscreen, bug spray, and snacks for a fantastic experience.

Arts and Crafts are Always Fun

Letting your kids get artsy and crafty is an excellent way to keep your kids occupied, as well as boost their creativity. You can have them invite their newly found friends for craft activities, such as face painting or making plaster casts of their faces. You can even challenge them to get creative using items found in the camping area. For instance, you can challenge them to make pictures with leaves, paint pictures on stone, build houses out of bark and twigs, and make jewelry out of leaves and flowers. If the area has clay, you can have them make sculptures. Don’t be worried about them being dirty. Kids love being messy, so let them play in the dirt!

These are some of the RV camping that can keep your kids occupied and entertained on a family trip. Most of them don’t need much preparation and effort. With all these activities, boredom shouldn’t even be an option. A good idea is thinking ahead and making a list of activities in and around the campground. Lastly, take lots of videos and pictures. They’ll help to keep all the happy memories you and your kids had on your RV rental adventure!