Las Vegas is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to places to visit in the US for many reasons. Las Vegas, NV has a multitude of hotels, theme parks, and casinos for which it is well-known, but it also has amazing places to visit like the Red Rock Canyon, the 24-hour mall Fremont Street Experience, and the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, just to name a few.

There is so much to do and see, you can’t just spend one day there and go back home!

But traveling and finding a place to stay in Las Vegas can be very costly. One way to reduce that cost is to rent an RV for your travel and find a place to put it overnight while you rest. To help you and your wallet rest easy, here are the best free places to park your RV in and near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Open Parking Lots

Empty parking lot where an RV might park

The first, and most obvious, place to park your RV overnight for free is a parking lot. It may not be completely ideal, but it will get you close to wherever you want to be in Las Vegas! 24-hour stores would be a good idea to stay near, as you can get any food or overnight supplies you need when you get there, and it’s almost like having free security for your RV while you rest! Some parking areas are larger than others, so be sure to find a place that is either large enough to fit your RV or far enough away from stores that you don’t inconvenience people coming and going.

Just make sure to speak to the managers in the store overnight – let them know you’re just parking your RV for the night and ask them if it’s alright. If not, move on. If they give the okay, just try to be quiet during the night so as not to disturb anyone nearby. Practice basic etiquette here the same way you would on a regular campground – try not to be loud, keep your area clean, and get some rest before heading out to your next destination!

Rest Stops and RVs

There are no rest stops in Las Vegas itself, but there are rest stops in the surrounding cities and towns. The closest rest stops are in Boulder City, Southern Nevada and Amargosa Valley, and they all have space for RVs and large trucks. Much like parking lots in Las Vegas, you can stay at these rest stops overnight for no charge as long as you are polite and keep your area clean. Generators can be used in the area, but it’s highly recommended they be turned off in the later part of the night to avoid disturbing others who may be using the rest stop to sleep.

You can also take advantage of the associated amenities of rest stops while you’re there – all have bathrooms, and some even have showers. There are sometimes picnic tables to enjoy an evening meal, places to get snacks and water, and a great view of the surrounding area. Treat these places like a mini-vacation while on your vacation!

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a website that you can use to find places to park your RV all across the United States! There is a $30 yearly fee (only $15 if you become a participating host on the site), but once you’ve paid that fee you can stay with any available host for free! The average stay is between 2 and 5 days, and some areas have partial hookups for your RV.

Things like amenities, length of stay, and specific location you can park are up to the host that lists their home or business as a place to park. Think of it as a large network of travelers offering places to stay, or like an Airbnb where you pay a yearly fee instead of per night spent. There’s a mixed bag of possibilities that you can enjoy in or near Las Vegas by checking out Boondockers Welcome!

You can access the website and see what hosts are currently available in the area here: Website

If you’re a tech-savvy RVer, here are a few more essential apps you’ll need while out on the road!

Now that we’ve gotten some basic places to stay out of the way, it’s time to list off actual free RV parks that you can stop at overnight. All of these parks are within a 25 mile radius of Las Vegas. All of them are also free to enter, though some of them may have added services and amenities that may require payment to receive or participate in.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead in Nevada, USA

Government Wash, otherwise known as Lake Mead National Recreation Area, is located in Boulder City, Nevada. It is completely free to stay at, with both RV and tent camping available. They have a maximum of 15 days, and spaces cannot be reserved – so make sure to check in beforehand to make sure there is space available for your RV! The recreation area can be accessed by dirt roads and has an elevation of over 1000 feet, so be careful when driving around looking for a place to settle down for the night here!

The only service that the recreation area provides is restrooms, but there is a campground nearby that provides water and a place to dump tanks for free. You can enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Mead and take the time to stop at shops along the way, and some even recommend making the time to travel further out to Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail, roughly 15 minutes from the recreation area. This area is just over 20 miles away from Las Vegas, so you can take an overnight stop before heading into Vegas for a day of fun and adventure!

Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel and Casino

Hoover Dam, between Arizona and Nevada – USA

The Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel and Casino is also found in Boulder City, Nevada, a little further out than Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This area is accessible by gravel road and is most commonly seen as an upgraded truck stop. There is no known limit to how long you can stay here, though it is asked that RVs park in the same area as semi-trucks, further down from the lodge. No amenities are included, but you have access to the lodge for free WiFi and can dine at the Big Horn Café for a decent price while you’re there.

The lack of amenities is made up for by a great view! Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are both a short drive from this Lodge, making it perfect for sight-seeing in Nevada before going on to Las Vegas for fun! The Railroad Trail is also just across the parking lot for your enjoyment if you feel like spending some time outdoors on a hike. This area is both human and pet-friendly, so feel free to take your dog out with you – but watch out for wildlife!

Railroad Pass Hotel Casino and Travel Center

The Railroad Pass Hotel Casino and Travel Center is in Henderson, Nevada, and has a maximum stay of 3 days for absolutely no cost. It is accessible by an asphalt road and has an elevation of over 2000 feet. So, be careful trekking through and make sure to try and park on even ground if you can! Casino security cycles through the parking lot, so you can be sure that you’ll be safe at night while you rest. This spot is near both a casino, and a gas station for easy fill-up as you go. No amenities are listed, but you have access to the hotel and the casino for a fee if you’d like a change of pace.

Railroad Pass Hotel Casino and Travel Center is less than 25 miles from Las Vegas, and not very far from the Hoover Dam for a great sight-seeing adventure. There is a paved hiking or biking trail nearby that you can take the time to go through is you feel like seeing Nevada’s beautiful nature!

Circus Circus Hotel and Resort

Las Vegas Strip sign
Las Vegas Strip

Though the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort is a paid hotel in Las Vegas, you can still park there for free! The only difficulty may be finding space for your larger RVs, so keep that in mind. But in this area, you’re right in the center of all the action that is Vegas, and close to several amenities and casinos to have fun in! Even without renting a room in the hotel, you can enjoy the available restaurants and entertainment – Vince Neil’s and The Steak House are very popular, and you can take advantage of the hotel’s free circus acts or visit the Cirque du Soleil while you’re there.

Now that you’re really in Las Vegas, you can even walk to any number of casinos, restaurants, theme parks, or shopping centers to have a grand adventure before resting in your RV overnight. With the secure parking of the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort, you could even stay in the hotel itself and leave your RV outside for a nice change of pace!

Take a look at all the things you can do, or book a room at the hotel, right here: Website

Now that you’ve learned about a few of the places that you can park your RV for free in and near Las Vegas, it’s time to start planning your next adventure! Where will you stay – near the Hoover Dam, in the heart of Las Vegas, or in a humble parking lot in or outside of Las Vegas’ busy streets?

Wherever you decide to go, just remember that you have plenty of free options to choose from for RV parking in and near Las Vegas – you just have to go look for them!

For more suggestions on free RV campsites outside of Vegas, check here!