Take in the Beauty of Nature

Now that you have your RV rented and ready to go, and everything you need to take with you on your trip, you can go just about anywhere that there’s a road to travel to! But while this is an exciting concept, that means you have to make a lot of choices regarding where to go, and where you and your RV can stay when you want to rest or take a look at the sights. This is why there is a multitude of RV campgrounds scattered across the US. Now the question becomes, which campgrounds would be the best places to take my RV rental?

The best campground meets all your needs – whether those needs are ample space, access to electricity and amenities like cable TV, or being close to a major geographical marvel. In this case, we’ll consider places that are near landmarks or major cities, have access to electricity and plumbing and other amenities and are family and pet-friendly so the whole family can be part of the trip. With these in mind, here’s a list of the top ten best RV campgrounds in the US.

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Most, if not all, of these RV campgrounds are private resorts, so keep in mind that you can also visit public campgrounds that are usually on a national park or state-owned land. They would include fewer amenities and a less personalized stay, but they are always a good option to get up close and personal with national parks and lands that are important to the country! Check these out for your next RV rental.

Zion River ResortVirgin, UT

This campground is located beside the Virgin River and only a few minutes away from Zion National Park in Utah. There is no shortage of things to do, from exploring the attractions to using the swimming pool or playground provided by the resort. There are also places for your children or pets to get some exercise and play on the resort grounds. You even have the option to stay in a cabin during the time you’re at the resort!

Polson Motorcoach & RV Resort Polson, MT

From this resort, you can get a great view of Montana’s Flathead Lake and Mission Mountains. The amenities they offer include a full gym, laundry and shower services, and even a fenced-in dog area so even the pets can get a nice view of the landscape. And if hanging out at the resort doesn’t suit you, amazing historic landmarks like Kerr Damn and the National Bison Range aren’t too far away.

Solstice Motorcoach ResortMesquite, NV

This resort in Mesquite, Nevada is considered one of the most luxurious in all of the southwest. It’s less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, and the resort itself has a decorative pond and walking trails to explore the area. Not only that, but there are amenities like a fitness facility, game room, and laundry and shower facilities to enjoy at your leisure.

Edgewater Lodge RV ResortSoldotna, AK

For those that like adventure, and who don’t mind going without all the fancy amenities of some of the previous resorts, this RV resort in Soldotna, Alaska is a good place for you! This resort sits in the heart of salmon fishing for Alaska, and it’s far from Kenai National Wildlife Refuge – take a look at bears, moose, and caribou up close! There are laundry, electricity, and showering related amenities. It’s also very cheap – roughly $20 per night to get an authentic Alaskan experience!

Elk Meadow Lodge/RV ParkEstes Park, CO

This lodge near Estes Park, Colorado is right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, and is only a mile away from the town. This RV park has amenities such as an outdoor pool and hot tub, live entertainment in the lodge itself, and a playground outside for you and your family to enjoy a little fun in the sun! This particular RV lodge is open from May to October every year.

Lums PondBear, DE

The resort located Lums Pond State Park in Bear, Delaware is, as its name suggestions, right on top of the 200 acre Lums Pond. Along with regular water and electric amenities, you can enjoy boating, horse-back riding, and even the unique Go Ape! Treetop Adventure Course – an obstacle course that features climbing and zip lining. There is even a picnic area with concessions for when you want a break from all the fun and adventure they supply! This is a great one to bring your kids along for!

Malaekahana Beach CampgroundKahuku, HI

You can’t mention Alaska without also mentioning beautiful Hawaii! Located in Kahuku, Hawaii, Malaekahana Beach Campground lets you take an RV around the island for as little as $15. And if you get tired of the road, you can go back to the campground and rent a kayak, surfboard, or stand-up paddle board to take some time to enjoy the ocean while surrounded by water. There isn’t a good way to get your RV on Hawaii with a very large boat taking you across the ocean, however, so this resort is only something to consider once you’re already on the island.

The Shady DellBisbee, AZ

Unlike other RV resorts, The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona is most popular for its gimmick – this particular resort takes you back to the 1950s! You can rent a vintage RV from them, and live it up in the style of the 50s with classic amenities such as coal grills and a noise curfew after 10 pm to keep things nice and quiet on your getaway. Keep in mind, though, that children under the age of 15 are not allowed on site; this trip would have to be one you take alone, or only with your spouse.

Green River Lake State ParkCampbellsville, KY

In Campbellsville, Kentucky, you’ll find an RV campground at Green River Lake State Park. The Green River Lake itself is over 8,000 acres, while the park is over 1,000. You can enjoy not just fishing, but miniature golf, a beautiful beach, and roughly 28 miles worth of hiking trails at this site. Almost every bit of nature can be found here, and there is no shortage of space to explore for you and your entire family while you’re renting an RV.

Woodlands Camping ResortElkton, MD

Last but not least is Woodlands Camping Resort, located in Elkton, Maryland. There are a number of outdoor games to play, like basketball and wiffleball, and events are scheduled from April to November – there is no shortage of things to do here. This resort is also well-known for honoring US veterans and their creation of an area called “Veterans Circle,” where a remembrance service is held each year on Memorial Day. This would be a perfect holiday destination for your RV rental!

There are many more places than just these ten RV campgrounds to choose from, but these are some of the best that the US has to offer in terms of luxury and unique offerings and amenities on your RV rental adventure. Now that you know what to look for, go out and find the best RV campgrounds to place your RV and explore the country that you know and love!

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