It Might Be Less Than You Think…

So, you’ve made the decision that you’re going to rent an RV. And you have even decided on the type of RV that will be appropriate for your trip. The next question that comes to the mind is how to get the RV. If you are a typical person who is always on the move, you might want to explore the idea of buying an RV. However, if you’re only an occasional camper who does it less frequently, you will want to tap into the shared economy system. That’s where an RV rental comes in. So, how much does an RV rental cost?

The truth is, it heavily depends on the RV class that you’ve decided on. You don’t have to worry though, because we can tell you exactly how much you should be spending if you are renting a RV. One thing to note – the cost to rent an RV may vary during the peak vacation period as demand will definitely rise and this will affect the cost of supply. To make things simpler, it is only fitting that we dig deep and look at the cost to rent an RV per class:

Class A

With all the luxurious perks that come with a class A RV, it is reasonable that the cost to rent an one of them will be the highest of all the various classes. Class A RVs will give you a palatial vacation and for that, you have the pay the price! It varies amidst rental companies, which is to be expected when it comes to any service. However, upon our research, we found that the average cost to rent a class A vehicle is usually between $175 to over $500 per night. That’s quite  a large range, right? This is due to many factors but we found that age, RV size/length, amenities, features and gas mileage are the main variables. There are all things you’ll want to ask your rental company about.

But, when you factor in all you stand to enjoy by renting a class A RV, the cost to rent an RV will definitely be justified.

Class B

Looking for a quick weekend get away on a class B RV, but you don’t know how much is it to rent an RV? No need to be confused, as the average cost to rent an RV that is a class B is between $100 and $200 per night. If it is a newer model, the cost may go up to as high as $350. With the driving ease and maneuverability that comes with the class B, it is quite worth it. The fuel consumption as well will be on the low end when compared to the other RV classes. As long as you are OK with the smaller space to move around in, you are good to go!

Class C

The class C is the RV that effectively steers the middle course between the Class A and the Class B RVs. With that unique quality, this class is a favorite among RV adventurers who are hoping to enjoy the best of both worlds. How much is it to rent an RV when the RV is one that is both maneuverable and roomy all at once? Ideally, the class C RV should be rented between $150 to $250 per night. The average price range shows that it is just a hair above the class B and below the class A as well; it steers the middle ground quite well.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailer rentals will come in as the cheapest of all the RV prices. This is due to the fact that it must be hitched to a towable source to allow it move around to its destination. While a travel trailer can give you the luxury to automatically take your family car with you on vacation, it also requires some level of expertise to maneuver. But if you are used to towing, this could end up being an easy decision for you.

The average cost of an RV trailer rental is usually dependent on the size and features, but most of them will come in at about $50 to $125 per night. A fifth wheel can be rented at somewhere around $70 to $150 a night. It doesn’t matter what type of travel trailer you are looking at renting, there is one that definitely fits your budget and vacation needs.

Costs You Probably Haven’t Thought About

With these, the question of how much is it to rent an RV should no longer be a problem. However, keep in mind there are other costs to rent that are beyond just the nightly rent. These costs may include:


Most companies will usually charge a few cents per mile aside from the agreed per-night charge. Some might also offer 100 free miles per day, while there are others that give you free rein with unlimited mileage. All you need to do is to calculate the miles between the rental company and your vacation location. If you must pay, the amount charged is usually fair and can also be negotiable.


Some RVs come with a generator and several other pieces of equipment. As a rule, it is not unlikely that the company might charge you extra for this. This rule also extends to bedding, kitchen utensils and a few other sundry items. You should inquire about these added charges that will be added to your RV trailer rental. It is only then that you can calculate the true cost of renting an RV.


Check your existing car insurance policy! You might find that RVs are not covered. But fear not! Most RV rental companies will be able to provide a policy for you for a nominal daily fee. And if you choose the right company, you will find that some offer a complimentary comprehensive policy so you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t forget to ask about insurance!

In general, it is much cheaper and more economical to rent rather than buying a personal RV. Unless you are planning on vacationing for a very long time, renting an RV is your best bet. And now that you know how much is it to rent, go ahead and get your RV adventure underway.