Are you a retiree with kids scattered around the country? Are you a remote worker or a freelancer who likes the adventure of the open road while you work? Are you ready for an untraditional vacation, where you travel the road less taken? If you’re in any of these categories, traveling in an RV may be the answer you’re looking for, instead of hotels, interstates, and long stretches of time just sitting in your car watching the roadside scenery out the window. An RV is a great way to travel and keep your expenses down along the way.

Driving an RV around the country is not for everyone, but if you’re on a budget and want to save money on hotels and restaurants – or if you just want to find a quiet backwater to enjoy the peace – renting or buying an RV makes a lot of sense. RVs let you get off the main travel paths and explore, instead of taking the same old trips you always have in the past. However, it can be daunting; planning a long road trip is not easy. To assist you in your planning and traveling, here are the 11 best RV apps you can run on your smartphone to facilitate your trip:


iPhone & Android: Website is the most comprehensive site for campers and RVers. It lists all the information you need to plan your trip, but it’s not going to do the work for you. Allstays is not a trip planner site – it gives you the data, but you have to use it yourself.

If you’re an iPhone user, Allstays has an app on the iOS App Store. For Android or PC users, you have to go to through your browser. is not free, however. In order to take full advantage, you will have to subscribe but believe us – it’s well worth it! There are several options – you can subscribe for one year, for multiple years, or you can get a renewing subscription. If you plan to be on the road for any length of time, the site is well worth the money. If offers data on RV parks, campsites, state and national parks, as well as state and national forests, and gives you plenty of extras too.


Android & iPhone: Website

Unlike, is a trip planning site. If you’re the type of person who wants everything thought through, laid out, and ready to go, consider using Roadtrippers in conjunction with Allstays. You can plan your trip in its entirety, utilizing information from both sites. Roadtrippers is available on both Android and iPhones, and the basic site is free, or you can subscribe for an ad-free experience if you prefer. Lay out your trip in detail, and then hit the road!


Android & iPhone: Website is browser-accessible from both the iPhone and the Android. It gives details, by state, on RV parks, free camping, state parks, national parks, and national forests. Campendium allows members to post information about sites they have visited, and to give reviews. The basic membership is free, but you can get a paid subscription to the site as well. The information the site provides can be accessed without signing up, but to post, you have to sign up for at least the basic, free membership. If you’re planning a trip to an area you’ve never been to, the reviews by other members can give you a heads-up on the locale, and just possibly saving you a few headaches along the way.

google maps icon Google Maps

Android & iPhone: Website

Old faithful! Google Maps comes on most Android phones, but it is available for the iPhone as well. Google Maps is great for the road warrior in a variety of ways. You can use it to avoid traffic, get directions to unfamiliar places, explore for the best restaurants and cafes, find nearby gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies, and track down ATMs. Google Maps has a voice option, so you can use it while driving. You can also mark locations you want to remember for the next time you’re in the area. Google Maps is free and easy to use, so there’s no hassle involved.

Gas Buddy

Android & iPhone: Website

When you’re on a long trip in an RV, gas prices become a significant factor during your journey. RVs are not known for great mileage, and depending on the size of your rolling palace, they have medium to large tanks to fill. So it goes without saying – finding the best gas price is an important consideration. Gas Buddy lets you find the best prices in your area, and it covers the entire United States, as well as Canada. Being able to keep your gas expenses on a budget is a must – one of the best reasons for traveling in an RV is to save, so keeping tabs on cheap gas is one way to maintain your budget and keep some extra money in the bank.

We know there are probably questions on RV gas mileage. Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out our article on this very topic!

accuweather app icon AccuWeather

Android & iPhone: Website

Knowing what Mother Nature is planning is important when you are on a long road trip. Accu Weather is available cross-platform, and gives daily, as well as hourly, forecasts. Accu Weather is one of the more reliable weather apps out there, so use it to plan your drive, and to make adjustments for the unexpected surprises Mother Nature may throw your way.

national weather service logo

Android & iPhone:

Every weather app out there uses the National Weather Service (NWS) as their data source. is the NWS website, so for tracking severe weather, go straight to the source. With a browser available on all platforms and customizable for specific locations, is the best place to keep an eye on areas of severe weather. The NWS also sends out alerts, so set your phone up to receive them and stay up-to-date on developing situations.

5-0 police scanner app icon 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

iPhone & Windows: Website

We’ve all been on trips where we’ve heard sirens screaming in the night, and naturally, we wanted to know what was going down. Using this app lets you keep an ear on the local first responder networks, so you can determine if you need to avoid a major traffic accident, or a law enforcement event like a high-speed chase, or a manhunt, or a riot breaking out. Keeping up with the first responders will also let you know if you can offer any help as situations develop. This app lets you know what those sirens are portending, and lets you adjust your plans accordingly.

speedtest app icon Speed Test

Android & iPhone: Website

If you are a remote worker, or a freelancer, or if you just want to stream a movie for entertainment, internet upload/download speeds are important, even while you’re on a road trip. Use this app to test out the internet speeds, and to check out free wifi spots. If the free wifi is as slow as a snail, try somebody else for your coffee break.

instagram app icon Instagram

Android & iPhone: Website

RV trips are always about making memories! So, why not share those memories with your friends and family? Whether you want to make them jealous with your #vanlife photos, or just share some amazing scenery, the Gram is the place for it!

BONUS TIP: While you’re on the road, Instagram is all about making new friends. Travelers using Instagram put geotags on their locations, so you can check and see if somebody you’re following is close by. If they are, time to put out an invitation for a face-to-face meeting. It’s a great way to meet somebody who shares your interests, and you may just wind up with a new lifelong friend!

yelp app icon Yelp

Android & iPhone: Website

Yelp is all about finding the things you need in an area you’re not familiar with, from the best local coffee shop to a good urgent care center, and everything in between. It’s also about saving money – businesses often offer discounts to Yelp users, on services (veterinarians, plumbers, etc.,) as well as restaurants and that local coffee shop. So, use the app to find an out-of-the-way place for dinner, or locate a good ER if you need one. It’s a great way to find out what’s happening in the local scene.

Closing Thoughts

RVing is an amazing vacation choice, regardless of your ultimate destination. The great thing about our world today is that you don’t have to commit to owning one. You can rent and enjoy the same experiences!

Setting out on the open road in an RV is an adventure – you’re not limited to the same old trips you’ve taken before. You can explore the back roads and by-ways without worrying about where you’ll sleep or eat. You can also take your time as you travel about. Head out to a quiet location and revel in the silence of an undiscovered mountain lake, or take in the beauty of the Grand Canyon. The options are endless!

Using these 11 RV apps will get your journey off on its best foot and may help you save some money to boot. And, as Martha says, that’s a good thing!