Many people use recreational vehicles for temporary accommodation during travel and vacations. They are a great alternative to your standard vacation, which includes a hotel, a flight, a car rental, and lots of fast food and restaurant dining. Since RVs are essentially a home on wheels, you have the freedom to keep up your normal meal routine, stay healthy, and save money too! When traveling with an RV, you might want to bring along a few small cooking appliances to prepare your meals. That begs the question – what should you bring and why?

When going on vacation, you don’t have to carry all of your kitchen equipment (or even all 8 of our recommendations). However, you have to choose the most essential small cooking appliance that can serve multiple purposes.

Multi-functionality is the name of the game! Since some RVs can lack space, being able to use the appliance for lots of different meals should be a deciding factor. To make your life easier, we took the liberty of coming up with some of the MUST HAVE small cooking appliances for your RV trip. After all, you have the RV rented or purchased – you might as well take advantage of the ability to cook in an RV. Let’s hop right on in!

1. Electric Pressure Cookers

This is one of our absolute favorite small cooking appliances! Pressure cookers can reduce your cooking time by as much as 70% and reducing the time your food spends cooking will reduce the loss of its natural flavors. Long story short – it tastes better! The best part – you don’t have to babysit the food! You simply turn it on and let it do its thing, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your time on the road.

Bringing this cooker on board will not only save on space, but will also ensure less humidity in your vehicle especially if you release the pressure outside of the RV. You can cook a variety of food using it, such as:

  1. Simple White Rice
  2. Pot Roast
  3. Buffalo Chicken Wings
  4. Mashed Potatoes
  5. Mongolian Beef
  6. Beef Short Ribs

Did we forget to mention that most of these appliances perform multiple functions? Not only are they pressure cookers, but they also do the job of a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, yogurt maker, and more! It’s really a no-brainer!

2. Portable BBQ Grills

Cooking outside with your fellow campers will always be an excellent experience! The flavors you can get from a good barbecue are unparalleled. The best grill for our kind of adventure is one that you can easily carry along. Portability is key, especially with an RV! Some of them are even foldable, meaning they are easily stored and will take up less space. They are also easy to use, which means you can cook whatever you want whenever you want to. Grilling your barbecue chicken, pork chops, salad (yes, salad!), and other recipes can’t get any easier.

Make your RV experience more comfortable and unforgettable with a top-notch quality grill. A gas grill, for example, uses natural gas as its source of fuel. Most will have a regulator that controls its valves allowing just the right amount of heat. Cleanup is rather easy, too! It takes RV cooking to another level, and the best part, it is environmentally friendly.

3. Crock Pots

Of all the small cooking appliances on this list, this one is probably the most well-known. Also known as a slow cooker, this is an appliance that you can use to simmer your food at a relatively lower temperature compared to other cooking methods. It can even work for baking, boiling, and frying. It facilitates unattended cooking for many hours.

For example, when parked at one spot for the day, you can put in the ingredients for a meal in a Crockpot, turn it on and leave it to cook. When you return from a long day of hiking or exploring, dinner will be ready. Having it on board is a genius idea, but only if it is used safely and correctly. It is also convenient, especially if your vehicle doesn’t have an oven. Some of them are programmable, and they turn themselves off when cooking time elapses. You can cook your stew, butter chicken, chicken curry, nachos, bread pudding, and many others using this fantastic appliance. And this all without monitoring the pot every minute!

4. Blenders

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to forego your beloved smoothies or milkshakes. Smoothies are good for hydration because they are made from whole fruits and vegetables. And milkshakes are just yummy!

Having it in your RV will be awesome because quickly mixing up a healthy snack on the road is as simple as throwing in a few key ingredients. And if your RV happens to have a freezer, it’s really as simple as throwing a few pre-frozen fruits in and letting it go.

Smoothies and milkshakes are great, but you can do much more. You will be able to make:

  1. 5 Minute Salsa
  2. Hollandaise Sauce for your Eggs Benedict
  3. Frozen Margarita
  4. Perfect Pesto
  5. Easy Gazpacho

A blender will save your time and effort. Having it on board means you can do more than you might have originally thought! Our favorite is the Vitamix, but there are lots of more affordable options out there. Many that do double duty as a food processor. After all, when choosing your small cooking appliances it is key to bring along devices you can use for multiple purposes.

5. Portable Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking depends on heating cooking vessels by transferring electrical energy by induction from the wire into a ferromagnetic metal vessel. It sounds super complicated, but the ending result is still the same as a standard cooktop – really good food! It allows for high power and a rapid increase in temperature. It’s actually faster than conventional electric cookers. They are energy efficient because all the heat is transferred to the cooking utensils.

They are also safe because unless something is magnetic, it can’t be heated on the cooktop. You can place it anywhere in your RV even on the kitchen table because it is compact, which makes it perfect for RVing. This is really great for a class B campervan! Because they are flat with no grooves for food to get caught in, they are easy to clean as well.

You can cook most items just like you would at home. Recipes like pasta carbonara, shrimp fajitas, scrambled eggs, and pad thai will come easy. As long as you can cook it in a pot or skillet you can use an induction cooktop. Its ease of use is a bonus!

6. Toaster Ovens

This is the miniature version of your large conventional oven. It saves on energy too compared to the full-size oven because it uses nearly half the energy. It preheats very quickly, thus giving a faster and easier option to prepare your delicacies. The only con is that they are smaller in size.

Its ability to blow hot air directly over your food using a rear placed fan and cook it super quickly is an added advantage. It is, therefore, ideal for preparing food when you’re in a rush. The multi-functionality is also a plus! The toaster oven not only toasts, but it can also bake and broil. They can do nearly everything a regular oven can do, just on a smaller scale. They are ideal for preparing yummy goodness like:

  1. Apple Crisp
  2. Toaster Bacon
  3. Roasted Green Beans
  4. 5-Minute Miso Glazed Salmon
  5. Baked Potatoes
  6. Avocado Cheese Toast (SCORE!)

7. Electric Skillets

Electric skillets are almost exactly what you would use at home and are designed to cook regular foods. They just require a countertop space and a socket to supply electricity and are ideal for use in limited spaces, such as an RV. They won’t heat up your trailer, and only require minimal supervision. You can use it for cooking simple food items, including pancakes, omelets, fish, fries, soups, scrambled eggs, chicken, and more! They can cook literally anything that a skillet can back at home. And because they have non-stick coatings, cleaning is an absolute breeze.

8. 3-in-1 Breakfast Stations

So, these things are pretty cool! They are actually a new discovery of ours, but they are perfect for an RV! This appliance helps you prepare a complete breakfast all with a single device. Being inexpensive and relatively small, you’ll definitely want to consider picking one of these up. My family could literally eat breakfast at any point in the day, so this one is at the top of our list. Having an appliance that will do everything at makes these a perfect addition to your RV meal prep arsenal.

You can make coffee, toast muffins, and eggs all at the same time. Its interior toaster can also fit small breakfast sandwiches. You might engage in a conversation, or your attention might get drawn to something else. Not to worry – most breakfast stations have a thirty-minute timer that will alert you! They’ll also have a non-stick griddle with a transparent cover so you can keep an eye on things. The drip coffee maker is an added bonus!

Choosing these small cooking appliances should heavily depend on your personal preference and lifestyle. Living and traveling in an RV or motorhome is fun and those who have already tried it found it to be addictive. However, they have limited space, which makes it imperative that you choose the BEST small cooking appliances to bring on your RV trip. That is why you have to decide what to bring along and what you should leave at home. We hope this article helped to narrow the list down!

Remember – if you are tired of booking flights, hotel reservations, hours of flights and limited privacy, but you still want to enjoy your holiday or vacation away from home, renting an RV is your best option. Although an RV involves high gas costs – which should not be a deal-breaker – it also saves on other expenses such as expensive hotels and restaurant prices. Check out our guide for planning your first RV trip!

They are flexible and convenient – they are a home on wheels, after all – and they are an excellent way to unplug from your routine and electronic devices like cell phones and computers. Replacing smartphones with binoculars, a pen and paper will help a great deal and offer a break to your mind, body, and spirit. Rent an RV, pack your personal effects, carry appropriate appliances, travel, and enjoy the leisure time you fully deserve!