The Legend, The Icon, The Airstream

When you imagine taking off on a vacation with a travel trailer hooked to the back of your car, what do you picture? For many, they see the classic silver look of the aluminum Airstream travel trailer that has been around for decades and has become an icon of RVing.

Luckily, it is now easier than ever to try these travel trailers out by renting. If you’re interested in purchasing one someday, this gives you a test drive. If you only want to go RVing once or twice a year, why not save the headache of buying, storing, and maintaining a motorhome and rent an Airstream travel trailer for easy use whenever you have the time?

There are many advantages to these long-lasting and easy to use trailers and they come with an interesting history. Make an Airstream rental your next adventure!

History of the Airstream Travel Trailer

In the 1920s, a man named Wally Byam started building travel trailers in his Los Angeles backyard. By 1936, he came out with the Airstream Clipper. The Clipper became well known for wind resistance – which made it more fuel efficient – and that classic aluminum look with its sleek shape.

It was a proper trailer and it caught the eye of so many other travelers that Wally decided it might be “a pretty good business to get into.” Good thing he did.

Airstream survived the Great Depression and World War II and it has been around since the rise in popularity RV travel in the U.S.

As the years went on, Airstream became known for these things as well as an attention to deal and a build quality that lasts. It’s become an icon for RVs, especially travel trailers.

The Pros of Airstreams

Hook Up and Go

Renting a travel trailer means you can hook an Airstream up to your vehicle and hit the road. You don’t have to learn how to drive the RV itself. Once you get to your campground, you can unhook and leave the Airstream at your site while you make an easy trip to the beach or a hiking trail with your car.

Great Weight Distribution

Airstream travel trailers are made with the weight distributed efficiently over the axles. The motorhome is properly balanced. This means you have better control over the trailer while you’re backing it into your camping space or driving around the city.

They are Environmentally Friendly

This is a bonus when making any decision. Airstreams are made from aluminum, wood, and steel — not plastic. While these RVs are long lasting, when their time comes, their materials are recyclable. Doing your part for the environment should make you feel like an amazing person, because you are!

Well Made

Many RVs use pressboard or synthetic woods, but most of the Airstream travel trailers are made with real wood cabinets. This is just one example of the attention to detail these RVs are known for. It helps avoid wear and tear damage like warped cabinets or other known problems common to RVs.


This is one of their most famous benefits. It makes them more fuel efficient than other choices, which is another way that Airstreams are more environmentally friendly than many other choices. They can save 10% to 20% on fuel during a trip.

Low Center of Gravity

When you are towing an RV, you are pulling a lot of weight. With an Airstream travel trailer, you have a low center of gravity which means you stay more stable while you are changing lanes on the highway.

The Cons of Airstreams

It Might Feel Tight Inside

Many RVs today are made wider. They become even wider still with slide outs that mean a lot of extra room. This isn’t a feature you’ll find with Airstream trailers and many of the older, classic models are extra narrow inside. The models made after 1995 are six inches wider, which helps, but is still a tight fit.

Temperature Control is Difficult

There isn’t as much insulation in these sleek vehicles as you may find elsewhere, so on a very cold or very hot day, it can be difficult to get the climate to a comfortable temperature.

Weight Distribution

Yes, this is on the pro and con list. The weight of the vehicle is well distributed and well-made. However, if your Airstream is unhitched, and two people stand in the bedroom (in the back) without the landing gear put down for safety, the Airstream will tip back. Obviously, this is something you can avoid, but make sure you’re aware of it.

Why Rent an Airstream Travel Trailer

There are so many great options out there for RV rentals now and Outdoorsy is actually a great choice! You can rent a big bus or a tiny campervan. You can even find adorable teardrop trailers to tow behind your sedan. With all the choices out there, why choose the Airstream travel trailer?

They Are Pretty Cool Looking

It’s not the only reason to choose an Airstream, but it is one of the top reasons they are so popular. There is nothing else out there that looks like an Airstream! These silver bullets are super attractive and they come with a vintage nostalgia that will bring a smile to your face. The shiny surface is reflective, so it picks up the colors around it like a chameleon. They stand out and yet blend in at the same time.

Yes, for efficiency’s sake, you can rent any usable RV, but taking a beautiful Airstream rental out on the road is definitely something you should consider.

All The Benefits of a Travel Trailer

The fact that it’s a travel trailer is a big reason to choose this option. You can park it at your campsite and take off to go to the grocery store, take a scenic drive, or head into town and park your car while you head into a restaurant. These things are all more complicated when you are renting a bus that can only be parked in the back of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

A 1500 rated truck will tow most size Airstream travel trailers. That makes this an easy and accessible option. If you don’t have a truck for a tow vehicle, services like Outdoorsy also rent tow vehicles as well.

If you need more info on travel trailers, check out our article!

The Amenities and Features Inside Are Excellent

There are reasons Airstreams became popular and it isn’t just a distinct look. They are known for paying more attention to details. This means they care about their fixtures, furniture, and appliances. They also have more windows than most travel trailers. Airstreams are designed with the thought that you will drive off into the woods looking for peace. They want to be a place you will feel comfortable to relax.

They Are Easy To Tow

As mentioned above, these trailers are aerodynamic and have a low center of gravity. They are meant to be easy to tow and handle for drivers. This makes them less intimidating than other options out there.

They’re a Conversation Starter

People who love Airstreams are happy to wave and say hi. You’ll find fans among people using Airstream travel trailers, and just casual people who see you filling up at the gas station. These RVs are iconic and beloved and they make it easy to start up a conversation with admirers. They’re a conversation piece!

If you want to head out an outdoor adventure, renting a travel trailer gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of being able to leave the trailer behind and take your vehicle on day trips. Airstream trailers are easy to use so you don’t spend your trip nervous about towing an RV. If you want to set off an exciting road trip adventure, Airstream travel trailers are a strong choice for the new RVers and the experienced alike. If you’re looking for a great rental, we highly recommend Outdoorsy!

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