The Answer Is Yes! If It Suits Your Needs…

The travel trailer was created to provide you a home away from home while on the road! It is towable and easily connects to any vehicle with enough power and hitch. Motorized RVs do not come at a low price and if you already have a pickup truck, you have the option to rent a travel trailer. It’s more affordable and you can choose your dream model, as long as you can afford to rent it.

So, if you are wondering, “Should I rent a travel trailer?” The answer is yes. By renting, you don’t have to commit to a large purchase if you’re just not sure. Try before you buy, right? Renting is also a great option if you just want to have little fun! Let’s look at some more reasons you’d want to go for a rental:

Cost Savings

Renting a travel trailer can save you money compared to conventional traveling, to the tune of 30% to 40%. If you think about the money spent on hotel accommodations, dining, and car rental, those figures will start to make sense. The fuel economy of an RV may be a little less attractive compared to what you would spend with your personal car, but you save a considerable amount by skipping hotel rooms and restaurant meals altogether.

Let’s face it – booking a place to stay can be hectic, especially during high tourist seasons. Instead of opting for a cheap, gross and uncomfortable hotel room a travel trailer is a great alternative option. And considering you can also shower and sleep in them, that’s a win/win!

Allows Exploration

During a trip where you choose to stay in a hotel room, you are limited to a certain distance you can explore. You must be within a range where you can get back to your room and sleep. However, a travel trailer is your whole home, and you can stop anywhere as long as it’s safe in the area you choose to park. Besides, it is possible to find a campground in almost every town. Your exploration adventure is unlimited as you are not bound to stay close to any hotel.

No Need for a Rental Car

The amount you pay for a rented travel trailer per night is higher than hotel room charges. However, you need to consider the number of things you can skip with a rented RV trailer. On top of accommodations, you also do not need to rent a car. And while traditional vacations can be costly, a travel trailer gives you the option to combine the two into one.

A couple of things to consider – if you want to drive in the city, choose a smaller trailer that you can easily maneuver. Driving around with a larger camper attached can be awkward, especially in town. However, it makes an exceptional home during camping. So, keep that in mind when you are making your decision on size!

Home Cooked Meals Anytime

If you love saving money while traveling, a travel trailer enables you to make your own meals. Eating out can be costly while away from home. In standard hotel rooms, you will only find a small refrigerator and a microwave. But in a travel trailer (or any RV really), you can have a refrigerator and a cooking stove. You can make your meals fresh as you watch the sun go down, and take your breakfast in pajamas instead of having to dress up and sit in a crowded restaurant. What’s more, your meals cost as much as you want to spend.

Quality Family Time

As a family, RV camping keeps you together with your loved ones while creating beautiful memories. A lot of travelers cannot remember anything about their trip, especially if they took a flight to their destination. However, a travel trailer allows you to enjoy the whole trip. You can experience the road trip every step of the way, and you essentially end up with double the adventure – the destination and the journey!

Your family members can sit comfortably on couches or even sleep in their beds during the trip. It provides a private and relaxing atmosphere. Every person feels at home, and no one will be asking you to stop over at the nearest gas station for snacks. If you plan it right, they’ll have everything they need right there!

RV travel brings the family together! Conversations will flow, and bonds will be strengthened. Your vacation as a family starts the moment you all get into the trailer. If you go the rental route, you can start your adventure immediately instead of waiting for years to save and buy!

It Can Be A Life Changing Experience

If you want to see the world differently, travel by road. You get to see new people and lifestyles. Even if the trip is within your state, you will be all the better for it! Exposure to new things creates new perspectives. And if you include your children on the trip, you will be contributing to creating well-rounded people.

BONUS TIP! Since you will be traveling in more remote areas, mobile phones and other electronic devices will likely not have cell signal. This means fewer distractions, and more interaction with the people you value most!

If you need tips on keeping your kids busy, check out our article!

Make it a Glamping Trip

An RV trailer offers campers luxury camping, should you decide to go this route. Known as glamping (or “glam camping”), it allows campers to have fun outdoors while enjoying maximum convenience and comfort away from home. You can camp close to your favorite river, but sleep on a queen size bed at the same time! More glamping appeal:

  • Eat your favorite gourmet foods; most travel trailers include kitchen appliances to bake or fry your dishes. You enjoy camping, but your cooking options are not limited to a campfire.
  • You have a comfortable bathroom at your disposal. It comes in handy at night; no need to stumble in the darkness looking for a place to relieve yourself. And you can take your shower as usual in privacy.
  • A travel trailer allows you to bring things that you may need to enhance your experience! For instance, if you rent a trailer with a television, you can still watch your favorite movies and shows to keep you entertained.

Now that you’ve been filled in on the joys of travel trailers, you should just go ahead and rent one! They are available in different styles and just like hotels, you can choose one with your preferred price, style, and amenities. Easy choice, right?